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Granite State College admission requirements


Granite State College Enrollment

Granite State College advisors recommend that extracurricular activities should never interfere with a student's overall academic performance. If financial aid is a concern or if a family is shopping for the best deal, then it is usually advised to apply early action or regular decision. Religious affiliation: none.
1,262 Students

Undergrad: 1,116
Graduate: 146
81% Accepted

Graduation rate
within 4 years: n/a

Granite State College Athletics Program

Granite State College In order to stay on track with your ability to get recruited, it's a good idea to make sure you keep working out through the summer. It is a good idea to look at the graduation rate of athletes at the colleges you'll apply to. A lower graduation rate may indicate that the college accepts athletes whose academic abilities aren't strong enough to succeed in college long-term. Granite State College Athletics Program may include footall, baseball, and other sports. You can compete either at intercollegiate levels for competitive sports, or simply play intramural sports for fun and exercise. Intercollegiate Athletics Program information listed below, where available.

Student Programs

If you cannot attend classes in person, Granite State College offers a distance education program. You can study online, and complete degree courses using online videos and tests. There are evening or weekend classes available, for students who are working, or otherwise unable to attend regularly-scheduled college classes. Granite State College does not offer an ROTC training program.

Campus living and academic learning come together at Granite State College. Extra-curricular programs include student clubs, college life, cultural performances, guest speakers, and intramural athletics. By joining a student organization on campus, you not only enrich your own college experience, but add to the community of your fellow students as well. If you are interested in any of the following clubs, by all means join up, and if there is no chapter yet at your school, be the first to start one.
Computer Science Clubs
Software Team
Computer Graphics
Database Design Club
Network Administration
Computer Programming Association
Software Download Club
Video Game Design
iPhone Apps Connection
Website Design
Antivirus Software Developers

Dorms & Off-campus Housing

If you are walking home alone, or on your bicycle, you may have to pass lowlife gangs drinking or selling drugs. If they just minded their own business, it wouldn't be so bad, but you can count on them singling out the college student as an easy target for trouble-making. For your off-campus apartment search, you should begin with the off-campus housing office, which may have rental listings offered by alumni or landlords seeking college student tenants. Beyond the housing office, you can use, as well as literally going door-to-door, targeting apartment building managers in areas close to campus. A Google Map will help guide you around the college's neighborhood.

Granite State College Tuition and Fees

Granite State College tuition and fee statistics follow below, including both in-state and out-of-state tuition and fees. Where data is available, students can anticipate the following educational expenses.

In-State Residents

In-state Undergrad:
tuition = $6,240
fees = $195
credit hour = $260

In-state Graduate:
graduate tuition = $6,240
graduate fees = $195
grad credit hour = $260
Out-of-State Residents

Out-of-state Undergrad:
tuition = $6,600
fees = $195
credit hour = $275

Out-of-state Graduate:
graduate tuition = $6,600
graduate fees = $195
grad credit hour = $275

Financial Aid Application Process

There are many reports that many applicants fail to apply for financial aid when they are qualified for it; one estimate was that 2 million students who would have qualified for aid did not apply for it. A downside to wait lists is that by the time a student is accepted, there may be less money available for scholarships or grants. Please note financial aid application deadlines, and submit your application early to maintain the best chances of receiving all the financial aid that you qualify for. Federal Direct Student Loans, also known as Direct Loans or FDLP loans, are funded from public capital originating with the U.S. Treasury. Private student loans are loans that are not guaranteed by a government agency and are made directly to students by banks or finance companies. Private student loans typically have variable interest rates while federal student loans have fixed rates. Consumers should be aware that some private loans require substantial up-front origination fees.

50% of undergrads are awarded financial aid, while the total amount of financial aid distributed exceeded $84,466. Of the students receiving aid in any form, 28% are able to get grants, averaging $3,428. Some 28% of students seeking financial aid obtain Pell Grants, with the average amount being $2,569 received. Finally, the Federal Student Loan Program contributed an additional $7,035 loan to the students qualifying for federal student aid. Student loans should be seen as the measure of last resort, as this entails graduating with a substantial student debt.

Major Degree Program

Degree ProgramCollege Major
Computer TrainingVideo Game Design
 Software Applications
 Graphic Design
 Computer Security
 Web Page Design
 Database Administration
 Design Software
 Word Processing Software
 Computer Programming
 Antivirus Software
 Computer Software Engineering

Granite State College Admissions Office Address

Granite State College admissions office addressParticularly important is academic performance in core courses, and having a high grade point average in AP-level or honors courses. Counselors suggest an admissions essay should reveal insights into an applicant's character, such as how one coped with a setback. One report suggested that a benefit of the ACT test was that it allowed the test-taker to have greater freedom to choose which scores to send to which colleges. Please visit the official website of Granite State College, to survey admission requirements, locate the admissions office mailing address, or to get additional information on Granite State College majors and online degree programs. The undergraduate application fee is $45, and the graduate application fee is $45.

Granite State College admissions office requirements are listed below in order of decreasing importance.

1. High school GPA.
2. SAT or ACT test scores.
3. Admissions essay.
4. Early decision commitment.
5. AP test scores.
6. Extracurricular activities.

Granite State College Map

Granite State College Map
College Drive
Blackwood NJ 8012

(856) 227-7200
(856) 374-5016
Official Website:

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
International High School
Onondaga Community College

Seminole State College
Lassen College
Marietta College

Art Institute of Pittsburgh
ATA Career Education
Washington and Lee University

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